I'm not really a Dinosaur

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"Thanks for the run. If that’s what you wanna call running."

#the first twenty minutes of this movie is so important to me #it’s like the writers were like #hahaha look at how fandom misinterprets steve #BAM THIS IS HOW HE IS#straight-laced rule follower? #HAHAHAHA NOPE #stoic and no sense of humour?#HERE LET’S HAVE HIM TEASE THIS DUDE HE JUST MET #doesn’t understand the modern world #NOPE HE’S KEEPING A LIST OF THINGS TO RESEARCH #I love steve rogers more than life itself #he is so great oh my gosh #blesschris evans for being steve rogers #STEVEEEE (via)

this is important to me cuz steve doesn’t have real friends outside of work and he’s the most likeable person but he keps distance because he doesn’t want to be hurt again and he’s just trying to get his life together and then he meets his guy and decides to take a chance and it doesn’t help at all that sam is the sweetest and cutest and most charming dude ever and they just have automatic chemistry and sam helps steve open up again in more ways than one omg im not crying i just have otp in my eye

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